Friday, May 18, 2012


Sooo I cannot remember the last time I blogged about anything. School took up most of our time, then I also kinda lost some motivation and just didn't have any inspiration to blog. But this will change!

We promise to bring you some new stuff in the upcoming few months. First of all, thank you to those sticking with us and checking back. We still get about 15 views a day even with no new material, so that gives us hope. :)

Second of all, get excited, because I am going to have lots to share soon! Next week, I'm heading to the northeast for the ICNA convention so I will have tons of material learn and blog about. I also plan on volunteering/shadowing doctors this summer, which I am super excited to write about my experiences. Then Naz has some awesome video ideas, which will be a nice change and lots of fun.

So all in all, we haven't forgotten about this blog and we have new posts coming up shortly. Apologies again for the inactiveness (just invented a new word there), but we promise to make up for it all!

Lots of love,

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