Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greek Goddess Hair Tutorial

Hello lovely ladies!

The time has finally come for us to show you a hair tutorial. This is one that my friend Liz came up with when she was messing around  with ideas one day in our dorm. I think it has a sort of Roman/Greek feel to it which makes me feel very elegant. It's definitely an appropriate and classy look for any special occasion. Read on to see how Liz did it!

To do this hair you need:
-stretchy headband
-bobby pins
-flower barrett (optional) 

1.)  Start with dry hair. Mine was just straight because that's how I'd worn it that day but you can just take a shower and blow dry it. In order to do this style, you have to have medium to long hair. Just brush it out to take out any knots and push it over your shoulders.

2.) Take you stretchy headband and put it around your head, sort of in a hippie fashion. We used black because it blends in with my hair and is less noticable. However, feel free to use a colored or printed headband, since the front of it will show at the end.

3.) Take small strands of hair and wrap the pieces around the headband in a upward motion. There are more pictures below to show you exactly how to do this.

4.) Once the side pieces are all tucked into the band, you should have two big pieces left at the end like above. Take these bigger pieces and tuck them into a low bun into the band. Secure with lots of bobby pins!

5.) You should end up with something like this:

6.) If you want, add pin a flower into the bun part using bobby pins like Liz did here. You can also just put a beret in of your choosing.

Wallah! Beautiful hair!
Thanks, Liz!

Good luck!



  1. This looks sooo good on you Naz!


  2. awesome!!! I'm going to try it out for myself.
    Great post. Keep them coming :)
    Much Love,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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