Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A plea on behalf of the people of Syria

Today I received an alert on my iPhone from my CNN International Breaking News App. Now as you can imagine, the world is always filled with breaking news and needless to say, my app is always blowing up my phone. However, this one particular alert really disturbed me.

I know the conditions in Syria haven't really improved since I last wrote about them, but this is starting to just get ridiculous. How can so many people be massacred and the rest of the world just sit here and pretend like it's not happening? What if the whole world just sat around and watched as Hitler killed millions of people as if it was no big deal? I'm not suggesting that we go into another war, but you cannot tell me that there is absolutely nothing so many powerful leaders of such grand countries, like the United States and Great Britain to just name a few, can do to even attempt to stop this injustice. 

As Charles Montesquieu said, "An injustice committed against anyone is a threat to everyone." Honestly, I couldn't put it in any better words. 

Here is my plea to all of you folks out there. Do something to help these people. It could be anything from donating money or simply bringing it up in conversation at lunch to spread awareness. If one day, God forbid, you are in a situation where your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers are being murdered in front of your own eyes, how would you feel knowing that the rest of the world is watching but ignoring your cries for help?

Below I have shared some links of ways you could fulfill your role as a citizen of this world and help humanity:

Don't forget to check out any Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to help the Syrian people.


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