Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Cappucino Series: Episode 1

Summer vacation has given us the luxury most biology students don't have a lot of: time. Now, one would assume that any normal 20-ish year old would be out doing cool things (I'm not sure what these things would be--I'm not cool) with their free time. Not us! Most of our summer nights are spent reading fashion blogs, watching Youtube tutorials on how to do a perfect french braid, or scrolling through documentaries on Netflix.

While I was doing my nightly documentary scan, I came across this film in the 'quirky documentary' section. It was called 'The Perfect Cappuccino." Anyone that knows Hera and/or me, is aware that we are very passionate about coffee and coffee-like beverages--actually, scratch that, we like ALL beverages in general. We're constantly on the hunt for new and cool drinks that we can try. Thus, this new series was created. Every couple of weeks, we'll try a new coffee place and share a review with you guys.

instagrammed pictures of our coffee

"The Perfect Cappuccino" is a documentary about a woman who was just as passionate about coffee as we are. In short, it made us realize that Starbucks, our most favorite place in the world, was a sham when it came to real, authentic coffees and expresso based drinks, like the cappacino. Of course, finding out that our whole lives had been lies up until now had been drastic, but we got over it. So we took our enlightened selves on the lovely Internet and searched for local coffee houses that served real, authentic coffee.

It wasn't easy. You would think that, being near Indy, we'd have a plethora of options. Alas, that was not the case. We tried some coffee shops but we still weren't getting the real coffee house taste or experience we were looking for--until we tried Soho Cafe & Galley.

Soho is the closest we've come so far to a coffee house feel. It's homey and the decor is kitchy and eclectic. Besides that, the most important part, the coffee, is excellent. We both tried cappuccinos and they were amazing. Once you order your drink, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get it because they make it from scratch. You also get your drink in a real mug--imagine that!-- if you don't take it to go. The foam is also mixed in correctly, so you never get a mouthful of just foam. Basically, Soho is the farthest thing from the cooperate, mediocre taste of Starbucks coffee. You really don't know the difference unless you've tasted the real thing.

gulp gulp gulp
super cute interior! a great place to hang out

If you guys are ever in the Indy area or better yet, live in the Indy area, be sure to check out Soho in Carmel. They even have live shows in the evenings and an art gallery from local artists if you're into that sort of thing.

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Happy coffee drinking!


Ps. If you're a foodie, consider watching "The Perfect Cappcaino" yourself. Here's a link to that information: click here


  1. ohhh but i love starbucks :'( </3
    Haha i know what you mean, Im just at home watching movies, reading and watching YT. FYI, there is this app called whattpad, it has sooo many stories :) thought you might like it. Great post

    Shaz xxx

    1. I know, a Starbucks addiction is hard to come over lol.
      I will definitely check out that app, thanks! Sounds cool

  2. Looks yummy!


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