Thursday, July 12, 2012

And let the election times begin!

Presidential elections are coming up. I know November sounds so far away, but trust me, preparation for that election begins now. 

Last presidential election in 2008, I was not eligible to vote because I was only 16, but I did volunteer a lot and was pretty active in our "Students for Barack Obama" club. I saw Barack (We're on a first name basis now... or so I'd like to think) a few times speak in person at rallies (even shook his hand; still feel pretty cool about that). The whole process was so much fun and such a great experience, that I got hooked. When Barack won the presidency, I literally felt like it was because of me. Those phone calls I made, those doors I knocked on, those flyers I handed out, it all worked! Even though technically, he won enough delegates to become President before Indiana finished counting their votes so it basically didn't matter, but Indiana turned blue after many years and that counts! I apologize for the run-on sentence.

Needless to say, it was a very exciting experience. I encourage everyone to at least try it out once. Whichever party you consider yourself, go in one day and volunteer. If you're not into politics, I promise you that you will become more interested after the experience. It's so great to see so many energized people of so many ages so passionate and involved in their government. It's how we all should be. The environment is great.

This election, I can finally vote (even though it will be absentee)! A few days ago, I volunteered at CarmelFest, which is a small fair-type thing we have every year to celebrate independence day. I met a couple of elderly people who were so passionate about what they were doing. They had so many stories to share, and it was a lot of fun listening to them. I've decided that this election, I will be taking you guys with me on this journey. 

Not all of you are going to be Obama supporters, but maybe my experiences will energize you into participating and campaigning for your preferred candidate. :)

Have fun,

Here are a couple photos from the booth I was at:

Tea Party booth was right next to ours!

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