Friday, August 17, 2012

Breaking fast with my man, Mitch

Last evening (Aug. 16th), I attended an event that usually happens every year at the Indiana State House. Our wonder governor, Mitch Daniels, hosts an iftar for the Muslim community in Indiana at the State House. This was the first time my family and I attended this event. Since this is the governor's last iftar before he is done with his term, I thought there wouldn't be a better opportunity to meet him in person.

When I walked into the State House, I literally felt like I was in a movie. If you haven't ever visited a government building in your city, I'd say it's definitely worth a walk through. While waiting for Governor Daniels to enter, I admired the architecture and art in the building. There's really so much history in these kinds of structures and it's such a cool environment to be in.

Finally, the governor walked in and people were kind of standing around him. My dad and I joined the small crowd of people around him and he attended to each one, giving everyone some time to chit chat. 

I got my turn and had a short conversation with him about school, etc. He was extremely kind and very attentive! I've never had any complaints with Mitch Daniels because he has been so good to Indiana and its people. I always assumed he was one of those politicians that was a good guy in real life. Having even that small conversation with him confirmed my assumption. 

Soon after, it was time for the program to begin. We heard from many people, including Mitch Daniels of course. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay the whole night (sadface), but even for the short time that he was around, it was a nice experience. I really appreciate his efforts to get to know all the different communities in Indiana, and I hope that the next governor continues with this tradition.

Overall, I had quite the pleasant evening and I felt pretty cool with my formal attire and the super historic, movie-like environment. Below are some pictures from the evening. Enjoy! And let me know if you've ever been to a similar event where you met important people and felt important as well.

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More architecture!
+10 points for the pink tie
lalala waiting for my turn

speech time
I didn't get a full outfit shot, but for those wondering, here's a glimpse of what I was wearing!

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