Sunday, July 29, 2012

Five Things You Never Knew You Needed for College


I now officially have a year of college under my belt. So, I thought I'd share some of the things I desperately needed, but didn't have at first when I entered int my college career. That way, all you freshman can avoid the running-around-frantically-trying-to-find-a-ride-to-the-store dance.

1.) Landyard: I have to admit, this is something I myself don't have as of yet. The reason is because I'm just simply too lazy and a lanyard is a boring candidate for things to buy when there's so many other cool items at the store. Trust me, however, when I say you desperately need one of these. When you're a freshman, you'll wish your school ID and dorm key was planted into your skin. You MUST take it everywhere with you. This is an easy and convenient way to do it. Granted, I've heard at some schools it's a sure sign way of telling who the freshman are, but it's better to be labeled as lame than losing your ID or key. I almost lost mine (because I don't have a lanyard) and I almost died.

2.) Water Jug with filter: This is so incredibly important, especially if you're living in a dorm. The water situation in college is not the best. If you're like me and don't drink sink water, your options of getting good, drinkable water are limited. You can either keep getting water bottles--which is what I tried at first--or get the filtered water jug. The problem with water bottles is that first, you keep having to buy new ones, and second, they take up too much space in your already small living quarters. The water jug is SO easy and takes up virtually no space. You can get one for as little as $11 at any store.

3.) An HDMI cord: One the biggest pastimes for college kids is to watch movies (ahem). This will come in handy because you can just play the movie on your laptop and hook it onto anyone's TV. That way, you can move from place to place at your convince. Take caution, however, that is you have a Macbook, there is no HDMI slot. Sorry.

4.) Extra Printer Ink/Calculator batteries: There is nothing worse than having an exam or having a paper due the next day and being out of ink/having your calculator die.Thankfully, my RA had me covered when this happened to me, but I learned my lesson. Everyone needs the extra ink but unless you're a science/math major, the chances of your Calculator's battery running out are slime--especially if you don't have TI-83 or 84. Still, better safe than sorry right?

5.) Ear Plugs: College is a time when you meet lots of different people. Some of these people are painfully loud. I'm not a prude, but the noise pollution in a college dorm is horrendous. Ear plugs come in handy for studying, sleeping, or simply when you need a break from all the craziness.

Hope this helped! Have an awesome and safe year at college!


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