Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aisha Khan Found

Disclaimer: First and foremost, we are very glad for the safe return of Aisha Khan. We would rather her have been the the situation she is now than something truly horrible happen to her. 

The 19 year old college student named Aisha Khan who has been missing since Friday has been found. Most of you probably know her story if you're reading this blog post but let me give you a quick synapsis before I tell you exactly what I think about this little scenario. 

Last Friday afternoon, Aisha Khan's sister received an alarming voicemail. It was Aisha, stating that she had been harassed by a drunk male who tried to kiss her while she was studying for an exam at her university. She said she hit him when he got too close and when she did, he got angry. Aisha said "I've never been more scared in my life. Please call me back." Aisha's sister did call her back several minutes later, but there was no answer. She rushed to the university where Aisha was supposedly studying outside and found her backpack, phone, and ipod sitting on the picnic table--but no Aisha. Due to the circumstances, Aisha's parents and newly wed husband concluded she had been kidnapped by the mysterious drunk man.


All around the US, Facebook and Twitter was blowing up with pictures of Aisha Khan. I didn't go a day without seeing at least 10 pictures of her plastered all over my newsfeed and timeline. 

...It was all for nothing. 

As of now, Aisha Khan has been found. Reports state that she has "not been held against her will." Basically, she left without telling anyone. 
This poster was put up all over Facebook and Twitter for her safe return.

Now, we don't know the whole story, but what we think Aisha Khan did was stupid, selfish, and cruel. From the information they are providing to us right now, it seems like she ran away from home. Yes, people leave home for a while all the time. However, Aisha Khan took it to a ridiculous and childish level.  Someone should show her the videos and interviews of her parents crying and her husband begging the so-called "abductor" for her safe return.  She put her whole family and millions of strangers in distress. 

Some people may argue that Aisha had the right to leave because of her "arranged" marriage or her being unhappy in a seemingly fundamentalist South Asian family. I say that is no excuse. When you're an adult, you don't run away from your problems. If you're having that hard of a time dealing with everything, the LEAST thing you can do is leave your family a note explaining it to them before you leave. One has to be totally self-abosrbed and selfish to do such a thing that Aisha Khan did to her family.

Now, you might be thinking that I'm being too harsh. To you, I say go look at video interviews of her parents. Look at how much they hurt for their daughter.  I'm not a parent, so I cannot even begin the imagine the pain of thinking you lost a child. I do know from experience that parents usually assume the worse thing will happen to their children: imagine the torture her parents went through thinking about everything that could have been happening to her while she was missing. No parent deserves that from their child. 

I know we don't have the whole story, but I believe that Aisha may have made up the whole thing about the drunk guy as a coverup. I mean, how many drunk guys do you see in the afternoon on a college campus before a final exam? Not many. I seriously find it hard to believe. I think they found her while she was trying to get away due to all the Facebook and Twitter hype. 

Who does Aisha Khan think she is? There are hundreds of college girls all across the US that truly do get abducted and the most ungodly things happen to them. I feel like Aisha's little stunt is kind of a kick in the face to all the real victims of abduction cases. All the time the police spent looking for Aisha when she wasn't in real danger was time wasted they could have spent looking for real victims. Again, selfish and cruel. 

Once more, I am fully aware we do not know the full details of the case yet. In fact, we may never know because this is probably very embarrassing for her whole family. Heck, I'm embarrassed for the family. They were  specifically asked whether Aisha would run away from home and they said no because she wouldn't do something like this. Apparently, she would. She would cause misery to her poor family--not to mention the pain and anxiety she caused the Facebook/Twitter users all the across the US who were fighting for her cause. The world cried for Aisha Khan. Aisha Khan played us all. 

One article reader sums up the matter nicely:

"Oh my god....I cried prayed and lost hours of sleep and peace for someone who voluntarily ran off.....Oh God Forgive Aisha for causing so much pain and trauma in thousands of hearts. I forgive you Aisha, but I hope you can forgive yourself."
Aisha's Mother and Father plea for the safe return of their daughter
Naz & Hera

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  1. Oh gosh.i feel so silly for not knowing about this!i hope aisha has got some awareness out of this and their family dont have to feel unsettled by this.x


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