Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sorry for being too unstereotypical.

What if you heard that a group protested against some show because it wasn't stereotypical enough? Absurd, right? Well, that's basically what happened with the new show on TLC, called "All-American Muslim."

Long story short, a conservative Christian group called the Florida Family Association, complained about how the show didn't match up with the typical Muslim stereotypes (all Muslims are terrorists, Islam promotes violence, and all that shiznit). The super smart people at Lowe's (I hope you caught the sarcasm there) listened to these other super smart people at FFA and decided to pull their ads from the show. Oh, how I love it when super smart people get together and make some super smart decisions.

I never liked Lowe's anyways. Just ask my parents.
When asked about the decision to do so, Lowe's responded saying the show had become "too controversial" and they didn't want to get involved with it. Too controversial? Have you ever seen the show? Probably not, because it's so freaking boring. Seriously, even I don't watch "All-American Muslim" because it's so boring. That's why I just stick with the Kardashians instead. Honestly, they should've picked me to be on "All-American Muslim" because my life is way more interesting. I mean, I would watch me. 

Anyways, I'm sure you get the point. If they wanted to stay away from controversy, they should have pulled their ads from "Toddlers and Tiaras" or "19 Kids and Counting." Those shows make more headlines than "All-American Muslim" ever will.

Where's my couch? ...I'm serious.
And then there's FFA, who thinks the show isn't stereotypical enough because it doesn't follow around a terrorist. Okay, first of all, "terrorists" aren't Muslim and in most cases, not American, so that would not qualify for the show. Second of all, would you really be more comfortable and satisfied if the show was following around a bunch of terrorists? 

Here's where I think the real problem lies. Some people just cannot grasp the whole idea of the existence of Muslims. If we're normal, there's a problem. If we're freaking psycho maniacs, there's a problem. The FFA decided long ago that they were going to have a problem with anything Muslim, whether the Muslims on the show were eating dinner or shopping for an upcoming baby. Because Muslims aren't allowed to do anything normal if they're not involved in anything radical as well. Duh. (P.S. that was sarcasm. You just never know these days if some people catch it or not so better be safe than sorry).

There's only one thing I have to say to those still uncomfortable with the whole idea of a "normal" Muslim: get over it. The quicker you get over it, the easier it will be for you because the Muslim American population is growing. 

Also, Lowe's, I will not build something together with you. 


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