Saturday, December 31, 2011

to the new year ahead

2011 has been kind of a crazy year. We saw people rise to fight for their rights, and dictators fall. We saw the rise of new talents and leaders as visionaries and legends left their mark behind. 2011 was the year that everyone decided that they were going to leave their mark on this world, no matter what their goal was or how hard it would be to reach it. I hope in the upcoming year, people keep that attitude alive to inspire those around them. What we all need the most right now is to spread the love. Support each other's good deeds, and stand together to put down those who are ruining the harmony. If every person in this world did one good deed for someone else in need, I promise the world would instantly become a better place. Even if it's just a smile at the cashier or a wave to the neighbor. Spread the love.

As for new year's resolutions, I always have trouble coming up with them. See the thing is, whenever I do come up with a list of legit resolutions, even if it is just two resolutions, I never ever fulfill them. So this year, I decided that I'm not going to have any. From my past experiences, I've realized that nothing ever goes the way it's planned, but whatever does happen always happens for the better.