Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I don't hate the Kardashians. Yes, you heard right.

After reading the title, a lot of you are probably shocked right now. Honestly, I never thought that I, of all people, would approve of the Kardashians and their empire. Just like many of you, I always thought the whole Kardashian thing was "stupid." Why would anyone care about their lives? But then one day, while sitting on my couch and procrastinating on homework, I watched an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." And then I watched another episode. And another one. And before I knew it, it had been five hours and I was officially addicted. Trust me, that's all it takes.

the whole klan
I still am not sure how they became so famous to begin with. They don't act or sing or even model really. It was like one day, we woke up, and BOOM! The Kardashians were on every magazine cover, endorsing 500 billion products (I'm being sarcastic, by the way, in case you didn't catch it). I always thought they were overrated and it was dumb how famous they were, until I watched the show. I'm telling you, it's addicting. Oh, and in case you don't know, the Kardashians own a bunch of boutiques called DASH. I feel like I made it sound like they just sit around and do nothing with no job. I mean, obviously all celebrities kind of do nothing, but that's a whole different story.

Anyways, I am not saying I support everything the Kardashians do. Those girls can be krazyyyy (see what I did there with the K? clever, eh?). I am also not saying that they're the best role models or that I would recommend children watching the show (seriously, don't do that), but they're not terrible. You would be surprised to know how genuine they are. They are actually the most loving family I have ever seen on television. They just seem so real. Obviously, I don't know them personally so I can't really say that, but you know what I mean.

They understand that not everyone is going to like their way of living and they're perfectly find with that. I don't think they really care about what others think as long as their own fans are happy. The President even said he doesn't like his daughters watching the Kardashians so he doesn't allow it. What was the Kardashians response? Robert Kardashian said on Ellen, "I understand he's trying to raise his daughters a certain way and that's fine.  Everyone has an opinion. But you really learn a lot on our show. There are no negative things on our show. There's always a positive message at the end. But, go Obama!" Gotta love Rob.

I didn't think Kardashian haters were that big of a deal until I heard about some petition going around to end everything Kardashian. You can read the article about it here. Okay, seriously? Is it really that big of a deal that people need to satisfy their hate with a petition? If you don't like the show, just don't watch it. Don't let you kids watch it. People, you are underestimating me when I say the show is addicting. If you start a hate group against the Kardashians, you're just bringing more attention to it, so more people will watch it...and get hooked. This is such a petty thing to do. You know who you really should be signing a petition against? Those idiot, d-bags sitting in giant corporate buildings on Wall Street, waiting for their freaking driver to come pick them up in their Rolls Royce. But I guess bringing the Kardashians down is a lot more satisfying than putting criminals, who are literally stealing money in front of our very own eyes, behind bars.

Okay, I should probably end my shpeel here. Kourtney and Kim Take New York is about to be on anyways. Bye, dolls.


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