Monday, August 15, 2011

drum roll, please!

Hello, folks!

So, we have picked our monthly guest bloggers for the next couple of months!

And they are....*drumroll*

September: Thalib Razi
October: Nick Khan
November: Style Blogger

Posts from these guest writers will be posted on the first of each month.

Again, if you are interested, subscribe to this blog and then comment below with your name and possible blog idea. If you're not sure what you want to write about, that's okay! You can figure that out later :)

We hope to hear from you all and make sure to look forward to hear from our lovely guests!

Hera and Naz


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  2. OO- I'd love to do a guest blog post (pretty please ^_^).
    I'd do it on being a female in islam (I happen to be a very strong feminist O.o) and talking about the stereotypes people make of muslim women and how they are 'exploited' in a way. It'd be a 'female empowerment' thaang xD


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