Thursday, August 4, 2011

fashionistas on a mission

so every couple weeks, we are going to try to showcase an outfit, from shoes to top to accessories to hair and makeup. we would love to not only hear your opinion on the outfit, but also some of your outfit ideas, so make sure to comment!

in the meantime, let us talk (more like rant) to you about this amazing dress, which as once available at

Both Hera and I spend ungodly amounts of time browsing the internet for cute yet affordable clothes to feed our clothing addiction. A couple of days ago, I happened to come across the beautiful olive green maxi which is pictured above.  However, not wanting to buy it online (mostly because I HATE paying for shipping/handling, partly because I wasn't sure of the fit), I promptly made my way to my nearest forever 21. Of course, with my luck, it was not in stock (I did, however, pick up some other cute things which will be posted soon!)

Today, I decided to grit my teeth, not be so cheap for once, and go ahead and buy it online.  Eagerly, I clicked on the saved link on my Favorites and what do I see?!

I don't want to continue shopping!!! I want to buy the dang maxi dress. :(

So now I suppose there's nothing I can do but wait and hope they restock it. I am fully regretting not buying it. I even had the perfect Mac lipstick to wear with it (which will also be featured soon!) Usually, being cheap comes in handy, but this time, as my brother would say, "was an EPIC FAIL."

So there you have it. Lesson of the day: don't be cheap. You WILL regret it later on.

stay classy,
Hera and Naz

Ps. If any of you girls reading out there ordered this dress, I curse you. JK...but not really. :o


  1. I think this would be a great first day of college outfit.


  2. bahaha nice Kay, imagine trekking through humidity, turning heads ;-)


  3. primark is in the uk,it is a store.theres no online shop : ( i lvoe your site! : ) he he

  4. looks like I'm going to have to come to the UK to shop at primark ;)


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