Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tickling My Brain

Name: Zox
Sounds like: Probably nothing you've ever heard before :)
Start with: "Line in the Sand" click here

I don't know about you guys but I've not heard of many bands that combine classical music with rock. It sounds out of place doesn't it? I mean aren't classical and rock music practically oxymorons? Well not according to indie classical rock band, Zox. And by "classical rock" I don't mean that they're like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. I mean they're actually taking classical music and infusing it with rock beats and they do it shockingly well.

Just look at the music video, for instance. The guy is playing a violin that wouldn't be out of place at an orchestra concert. But the guys around him are rocking out with their electric guitars. Call me a music nerd but I think that's pretty awesome and it kind of blows my mind. These guys' sound is not one I've heard before and I think that's why it caught my attention when it was blasting in my friend's car.  It's the kind of music that makes you do a double take-"what IS this song?" That's exactly what happened to me today when this song came on shuffle and I was reminded why I fell in love with Zox in the first place.

I think the reason I am so intrigued by this band is because they do my favorite thing that any artist can do with music: they take two sharply contrasting genres and make them sound harmonious together. It makes the sound more universal, which is a big asset to any artist's work because the whole point of music is to bring people together. Often times, I feel myself better able to relate with those I don't know very well through bands and artists we both like. Music is the ultimate connector between our tangled yet disheveled lives. So whether you like classical music, rock/alternative music, or are just an ambitious, experimental music listener, you will like Zox. So click the link above!

Happy listening,


  1. So, I just listened to the song and I quite liked it :) Incorporating classical instruments into a rock band is quite interesting. And I also love those bands that can be creative enough to combine complete opposite genres, and then do it so well too.

    Have you heard of the band "Apocalytpica"? It's a metal band. But 3 out of the 4 members play the Cello, while the 4th plays the drums. They have a metal look, metal feel - but they incorporate classical music so well. I think you'd be surprised when watching them. You couldn't get any more opposite than metal(thrash, progressive, post-grunge) and classical. They're rather unique

    Apocalyptica - Hope [Live]


    Apocalyptica - Hope Version 2 (with a guest singer - official music video. warning; it's dark lol)

  2. i havent heard of them but ill definitely check them out.i love bands with string instruments. maybe bc i used to play the viola

    thanks for the link :)


    ps. idk why it wont let me comment as our profile. maybe bc im in michigan atm

  3. oh and also, i love metal music. so im sure ill love them! ill check them out and get back to u


  4. This site won't let me post whenever I'm on the Opera browser :/ Have to go to Firefox every time I come here lol

    Btw, I look forward to hearing your opinion on the band :)

  5. So i finally got the time to check them out. Definitely interesting. I loooooooove the cellos!! :)



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