Friday, August 12, 2011

Wanna Be A Guest Blogger?

We are currently looking for guest bloggers for 'What makes the world go round'. If you've ever  had a great thought, written a poem/song, or just wanted to rant, here's your chance! You can write a post about anything and everything (within reason--for example, we don't endorse genocide). So if you have thoughts/opinions, we want them! You don't even have to have your own blog to apply. As long as you have something new and fresh to say, we are up for giving you chance to be our guest blogger!

These posts will probably happen every month or so. That means we will be picking our guest blogger about every three weeks.

Here's how to apply:

1. Subscribe to the blog (via your Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo or Bloglovin account)

2. Comment on THIS POST ONLY with your name and subject of post

So easy! If we like the sound of your subject, we will contact via the account you subscribed with and you get to be our guest blogger (what an honor!)

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Hera and Naz


  1. Thalib Razi

    Idea: "Home is where the heart is. Literally. It's wherever you are, so settle down and stop yearning for imaginary homelands." Thoughts on hyphenated Americans, that kind of deal.

    But, I'm moving into college this next few days, so I probably won't be able to get to it 'till Thursday, if that's all right. I could be the second guest blogger, doesn't matter to me.

  2. i was hoping you would comment, thalib.
    okay, we will let you know soon!

  3. oooh lovely idea! ive subscribed via my google account.please can you reply to me on my blog though because it wud be easier?urmm i think i want to write about ramdan : )

  4. Idea: The more you control, the more uncontrolled we become. Your going to have to learn to not be in control 24/7 if you want to raise a successful child. If you want control. You must give up some control. (directed towards desi parents)

    And this is just the idea lol
    Nick khan

  5. oh my god!i am soo honoured!best thing hats ever happened!lol.of course : ) did you want it to be islam related?i could do it on how to be stylish as a modest muslimah?i really dont mind.and what about the ramadan sub?

  6. Idea: General thoughts and observations about some aspect of human nature. Haven't yet decided what that something is, but when I do it will be profound.

  7. hey i followed and i don't no exactly what i want to talk about but whatever it is, it'l be interesting i think =)

    Asiyah- Lifestyleofahijabi

    oo wait i have an idea, since being raised in a family where both my parents are different races and have different cultures i want to write about my experiences and other ppl etc

    If its possible to do this email me on my google account. Thankyou x

  8. More great ideas! We will get back to you individually soon.

  9. I believe what should be the greatest influence in the world is how well we love each other. Over the years the word 'love' has lost its meaning. Some say they love their spouse and with the same word they say they love pizza or a pet. Shouldn't there be a difference between how we love the person we marry and the food we eat? Does our dog get the same affection as the greatest gift that we are sharing our life with? Love should be where we are willing to sacrifice on the behalf of someone. Would we make a sacrifice for a piece of pizza? Would we die for our favorite sports team? If we are honest, I would think not, but there should be no hesitation about sacrificing for our wife or husband. If there's no desire to die for the love of our lives then love has lost it's meaning as is why the world is in the shape that it's in. We can't expect the government to help us. If we truly have love then we will look for ways to make a sacrifice for our wife or husband and also our family. If all families did that instead of waiting for others to fulfill them the world would be a better place.

  10. Hey Eric! We sent you an email but I'm not sure if it went through or not. We would love to have you guest blog for us.

  11. Dante Grasso and Alyssa Hoover

    We will be blogging about living in a predominately white community with two muslim freaks.


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