Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taco Bell or the curb? Decisions, decisions.

Since it was the last week before we all got ready to leave for college, we decided we would go out for iftar with our third musketeer, Kaynaat. We chose this wonderfully delicious mediterranean/middle eastern restaurant called Al-Basha. We were expecting a normal, relaxed sit-down iftar to catch up before we all got geared up for school, but it turned to be more of an adventure than we anticipated. 

We reached at Al-Basha about 20 minutes before it was time to break our fast. As we entered the restaurant, the owner walked towards us. We assumed he was coming to just greet us but he ended up telling us something we did not want to hear: the restaurant was closed. Apparently, someone had reserved the whole restaurant to host a bunch of friends for iftar. Just our freaking luck. So we ordered our food to go.

After waiting for like what seemed like HOURS, we got our food. But now we were in a dilemma. Where the heck were we supposed to eat this food? Nazish suggested that Taco Bell would be a good option (apparently Mexico and all Middle Eastern countries are friends so Taco Bell shouldn't mind us eating our food in their restaurant). Another idea was to eat on the curb, but we decided that would be a bit too ghetto. We finally settled on eating in the car. We finally got settled in and started to eat, and let's just say the food was delicious! (Seriously it was soo good!)

Hera's order: Extra spicy beef gyro with cucumber sauce and french fries.

Naz's order: Gyro dinner served with rice, pita and a salad.

Kaynaat's order: chicken shawarma dinner served with rice, pita and salad.

Oh, so very happy to finally get food!
om nom nom

She wasn't too happy because we made her go get the eating utensils and napkins. Sorry, but nose goes!
Whatchoo lookin' at, foo?
So if you're in the Fishers area, definitely check out Al-Basha's on Allisonville Rd. Their food is ridiculously good and cheap!

Love always,
Hera and Naz


  1. Glad you didn't mention the other things that happened in the car, better to keep it to ourselves. e.g. nazi's seat warmer incident.

    Also, I want some chicken shawarma right now.


  2. You guys just made me really hungry right now!

    Glad to see that you guys were still able to get your food!


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