Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nice to meet you too.

Here's a little bit more about us.

Hola, folks. I am Hera, a sophomore at university, majoring in biology. I love to read (book suggestions are welcomed!). I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. One of my favorite desserts is Naz's lemon poppy seed cake. Television is awesome; I watch everything from the Food Network to the Oprah channel to Indian soaps. You will learn a lot about me and my bestie, Naz, through this blog so stay tuned to be entertained! Subscribe/comment, please :)

Hey guys! My name is Nazish but people call me Naz for short.  I’m a freshman at university so you guys will get to read about all my new experiences as I tackle my first year of college.  Some fun facts about me include: I drink tea/coffee like its water (I can jug down 7 to 8 glasses a day if needed), I have an unhealthy obsession with cats (I have 4!), and I own over 100 bottles of nail polish—my nails are always painted. Hera and I the best of friends and this blog will consist of our adventures together. So please enjoy and remember to subscribe/comment! 


  1. I have some good lookin' homies!




  3. Okay, I have to you really have 41 cats?

  4. lol no, i have 4. that's an exclamation point at the end of that sentence.

  5. NAZ, stop obsessing to buy different nail polishing haha dammnnn :P

  6. Can't have enough nail polish!

  7. wowww i thought you had 41 cats?!until i read that comment.i thought it was a would love to c ur nail polish collection!your blog is tooo ncie! : D oh and both ur girsl look so amazingly pretty!Can we please have a book suggestion of your fav plz?! xxx

  8. haha, yeah the gond makes it seem like a 41. thank you so much for the support! just pass it on :)

    and my favorite books are the harry potter series and a thousand splendid suns!



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We're Hera and Naz. Both of us are full time biology majors at the lovely University of Southern Indiana. When we're not out doing nerdy school stuff, we enjoy shopping, drinking slushies, and of course, writing on this awesome blog.

'What Makes the World Go Round' was started in August of 2011 to be a catch-all for our thoughts. We try and update as much as we can, depending on how hectic our lives. So bear with us. :) Please feel free to browse (by clicking on the cloud tabs above), comment and/or subscribe. We love hearing what you have to say!

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